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Comme des Garcons Wonderwood 50ml and 100ml in stock!

New Comme des Garcons Standard!

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Toffie Pop Culture Festival tickets

Buy your tickets to the Toffie Pop Culture Festival now at Church. Tickets for the Cheapskates are R680 till the end of Aug, R750 thereafter. Students pay R500.

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Wayfarer style wooden sunglasses are here, R1600 each


East Indian Rosewood

Maple wood

Malevolent Melody by McBess with soundtrack - one copy only

Dimensions: 18 x 18cm | Extent: 24 pages | Colours: 1 | Format: Paperback with Vinyl Record | Edition: 3000

It’s a rare occasion that a comic book is given its own soundtrack, rarer still is when the soundtrack is written by the comic’s own illustrator; with Malevolent Melody, Mcbess has given us both in one neat little package.

Featuring Mcbess’ signature stretched and deformed figures set in an entirely monotone world, where backgrounds blend into the fore and aside jokes and little details litter the page, Malevolent Melody centres on the exploits of shipwrecked amnesiac Mcb, whose attempts to remember the melody of a certain song awaken spontaneous choruses in Pirates, Alpine Giants and Amazonian women taking him on a journey from the coastline to the mountains.

Accompanied by a vinyl 7” featuring songs by Mcbess’ band The Dead Pirates, Malevolent Melody’s pages are lit up by the band’s pulsating rhythm and blues, recorded in a way to sync and mimic the comic’s storyline.

Birchfield Close

Dimensions: A6 | Extent: 38 pages | Colours: 3 | Format: Hardback | Edition: Open

For some the city is their birthplace and home, but for most of us, it is somewhere arrived at after years of hard work and perseverance and it becomes our home, gradually, in the place of far calmer, more serene and frankly altogether less entertaining origins.

Birchfield Close recalls these places of apparent mundanity. Endless horizons of prefabricated suburban houses with carefully tended back gardens and trimmed hedgerows; each abode with it’s own minute manifestation of individuality yet still somehow identical to the next. This is a world that many of us know and think of as home, and as many of us will attest to, is a place most unsuited to being an adolescent.

In his first graphic novella, Jon McNaught provides us with a sympathetic portrayal of what most of us ended up doing on those sleepy days: allowing the idiosyncrasies of our neighbours and our imaginations to entertain and amuse us and stave off the boredom. What makes this book so special, however, is that whilst capturing the frustration one can’t help but feel in such surroundings, McNaught somehow also manages to capture its beauty and peacefulness and transport us back to those clear evenings dotted with pink fluffy clouds and the sound of that silence we have come to yearn for after so many years of living in the centre of the bustle of the city.

Rise and Fall

Rise and Fall: A Concertina of Life is Micah Lidberg’s first book and debut collaboration with Nobrow Press.

The beautiful concertina book folds out to a stunning 136 cm panorama detailing the demise of some of our planet’s most dominant and long standing occupants only to be replaced by another group of breastfeeding placental creatures that would come to reign over the globe millions of years later.

Micah’s seamless use of line and adeptness with a limited colour palette recalls the intricate patterns of traditional Japanese kimono design and the murals of 1930s New York Deco in a book that is really more of a work of art, to be coveted and cherished. The nature of the concertina book also means that it is easily displayed on your mantelpiece or shelving unit, and printed on heavy card stock, it will stand the test of time.

Micah Lidberg is a young artist living and working in New Jersey. Having worked for the likes of the New York Times, Nylon magazine and Orion Books, he is also an avid storyteller and has produced a series of self published zines and comic books.

NOBROW magazine 3: Topsy Turvy

Nobrow3: Topsy Turvy

Dimensions: 22×31 cm | Extent: 60 pages | Colours: 4 | Format: Paperback | Series: Magazine | Edition: 3000

After enjoying the enthusiasm and excitement generated by their first two issues they are releasing their third issue with an ever more illustrious line up of the world’s foremost illustration talent. Including the likes of Olaf Hajek, Bjorn Rune Lie, Christian Montenegro, Jakob Hinrichs, Jonny Hannah and Chris Buzelli, and the exciting talents of Mike Bertino, Katia Fouquet, Stevie Gee, Luke Best and Karine Bernadou, Issue 3 is a biggie!

Nobrow magazine, more book than magazine, has fast become a standard for any art director or illustration aficionado, displaying previously unpublished exclusive work from the cream of the crop of the worldwide illustration scene. Printed in limited editions of 3000 copies, Nobrow magazine is not only a beautiful publication, but also a veritable collectors item.

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Soccer Boot carpet, R2700

Order the Soccer Boot carpet by Peet Pienaar at the shop or e-mail, R2700 each